Monday, August 3, 2009

Tomato Soup

Who said we can't enjoy a bowl of pipping hot soup in summers?!! Just turn on your air conditioners to high and see the fun. ☺

Tomato soup can be prepared in various ways... with cream, without cream etc. I prefer a healthier version of without cream. This recipe again calling in for minimum ingredients, remember lesser the ingredients, more the aroma and flavor.

Ingredients :
3 large tomatoes
1/4th tsp cinnamon powder
2 tsp sugar (optional)
1/4th tsp freshly ground pepper
1 tbsp corn flour or all purpose flour (add whole wheat flour if want to make it more healthier) add a ladle full of water and turn it into a floury paste.
salt as per taste

Preparation Method :

Boil tomatoes in plenty of water till the skin starts to wrinkle and crack. Turn off the heat and let it cool a bit. Do not throw away the water in which you have boiled tomatoes in.
Remove the skin of tomatoes and blend it into a smooth puree.
In a pan add puree and all the spices along with the flour paste, keep stirring it at regular intervals as the soup starts getting a bit thicker and bring it to a boil. Adjust the water level of the soup using the tomato stock that we had preserved.
Once its thick and its water adjusted boil for a minute or so and turn off the heat.
Serve hot.

As you have noticed I haven't added any butter or oil to the soup also I had prepared my soup using whole wheat flour to make a wholesome dish low in calories.

Tip : you can also add a spoonful of cream to make cream of tomato soup out of the above recipe.
Remember to add very little salt the first time, taste and adjust, this is done coz soups require almost half the quantity of salt for that "restaurant like" taste.
You can also add ground cumin to this soup for a homely taste.

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