Wednesday, August 5, 2009


As the weekend is approaching, I intend to prepare spicy and tasty delhi chaat. Ofcourse I shall be posting that recipe later in this week, but preparation of it has began since today. I've prepared nice crispy hara dhania puri and sev. These two items can be easily prepared in advanced and stored upto 15 days.

Sev, calls in for minimum effort and can be prepared in a jiffy. All you need is Sev Sancho, a kitchen utensil which is found is almost each and every gujju kitchen. It helps in preparing other lip smacking snacks like crispy chakri, ratlami sev, ganthiya etc.

Ingredients :
1 1/2 cups besan/chickpea flour
salt to taste
1 tbs lemon/lime juice OR 1/2 tsp citric acid crystals/nimbu phul
3 pinch Soda bi-carb
oil for frying

Preparation Method :

Take chickpea flour in a broad bowl. Remove all the lumps in the flour, add salt and lemon juice, in case using citric acid, dilute the crystals in 1 tbs water before adding to the flour this will ensure its uniform distribution within the flour.
Now make a batter frm it adding little water at a time. Remember batter should not be too liquidy but should not form a dough too. How can I explain it better!!! Ok if you try forming a lump it should spread .... sorry for this but this is the best I came up with.
Now in a spoon full water add soda and add this to the batter and whisk the batter using your fingers and palm.
Place this doughy batter into sev sancha.
Heat oil in deep frying pan and once it reaches the smoking point, reduce the heat to slow and start making sev by turning the handle of sancha directly on frying pan.
deep fry for 2 mins and make sure it is fried evenly on both sides.

Don't know how many times I shall repent over the forgotten camera, but I really wished I could have posted the snaps of method of making sev.

I know I'm sweating over nothing as most of those who shall read this blog would know how to use sev sancho, funny me!!

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