Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hari Chutney

Hari Chutney or dhania chutney is the most versatile chutney, used in sandwiches, chaats like bhel, sev dahi batata puri, etc etc etc. It goes nice with aloo paratha or any kinda paratha or dosa and gives nice twist to any bland meal.
I usually prepare this chutney in large bulk, almost 2 cups or more at a time and freeze it in small portions ie in 4 small Tupperware containers which makes it easy to thaw and use only the required quantity of chutney while keeping rest of the batch untouched. Usually if you prepare chutney and refrigerate it, it will change from lovely green to darker green and then to blackish green changing along with it the flavor and taste too. Freezing chutney helps it to maintain its taste, flavor and lovely green colour even after a month of preparing and freezing it.

Prepares 1 cup

2 cups packed green coriander leaves chopped and washed
8-10 green chillies
2 inches ginger
3 tbs lime juice
2 tsp cumin/jeera seeds
2 tbs sesame seeds/ til
salt to taste

Blend all the ingredients using a food processor or a blender to a fine paste, add a little water if required.
Tip: add salt towards the end of blending process this prevents chutney going all salty.
you can also add 2-3 tbs of fresh coconut to get nice "coastal taste" to this chutney.

Today I'm planning to prepare Chutney Cheese Sandwich. Will Jot down that recipe too later on.

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