Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mayonnaise-Easiest Homemade Recipe

Internet is a funny thing to browse, today while searching for a homemade deep conditioning hair pack I came along a website rather a group/forum named long hair community which intrigued me, as I myself have tailbone length hair I had to see what people with long hair do, to take care of their long mane, few of them had mentioned using mayonnaise as deep conditioning hair pack. What, did I read something about food?!! and the foodie spirit rose, so do hell with hair care I was now searching for easy homemade tasty mayonnaise.

Previously P had tried to experiment with Mayo making and had failed drastically, he was following a recipe told by one of a very dear friend of his and somehow, don't know how he blotched it up ... (giggles) and was sad that whole weekend for his experiment gone wrong... (more giggles). By the way Salah, you were right its really easy and P you really did something wrong. So since then we stuck to the store bought Mayo all this time, until today.
Being haunted by the last experiment, this time I watched a few videos before trying out another blotched batch of dreaded mayo.There was a slight fear of embarrasment on "what if P has nice amusement at the cost my failed experiment", but sorry P you won't have that privilege now that my mayo is successful, but ya you can enjoy it with your chips if you want... (many more giggles).
Found some nice YouTube videos to whip up mayonnaise in no time, here is a sample of it.

I wanted to master the basic recipe first then try and learn more about flavoured mayo so tried a very basic version of mayo. Here goes my very simple "how to whip mayo at home" recipe.

Crack two fresh eggs in a deep narrow container, add 1/2 tsp salt and 1 1/2 tsp vinegar, whip it using a hand held/stick blender for about 10 seconds.
Keep the blender running and start pouring 1 cup sunflower oil/vegetable oil/olive oil/mix of those in a very thin steady stream. At no point should you switch off the blender.
And there you go, within no time shall you see the lovely mayo forming with a nice creamy texture. Whip it till you feel the consistency is right.
Add freshly crushed pepper if you like.
Store it in a jar and refrigerate it.

Remember if you like a more thick mayo add a little more oil about 20-30 ml.

As simple as that. Here are a few more snaps of the process.

Its hard to multitask here with blender buzzing in one hand and camera on another, so could not snap the pouring of oil at this stage.

Checking for the right consistency. Could not resist the temptation of licking off the spoon.:)


  1. awesome yaaar... never knew how mayo is prepared.. your searching is really helping us get the finest products ;) ;)
    hey.. now going back to the point from where u started regarding homemade deep conditioning hair pack.. do let us know if you find how to make some good home made conditioners too... :) hehe

  2. I couldn't agree more, it's so easy and delicious! I always make my own now and it's much fresher and without any additives in it :)