Saturday, May 1, 2010

Khari Biscuits/Surati Khari-100% cheaters recipe

Well, I confess, I cheated, but I have a perfectly valid reason for it, I was yearning for surati khari biscuits so much that I didn't want to wait till my vacation to Gujarat, sole land where I can find khari biscuits, can't expect to find that perfect khari here is Saudi Arabia, sigh :(. So I cheated my way to make khari at home. I know it sounds impossible but I did manage to make it in 15 mins, well literally 25 mins :).
I used Puff Pastry Squares that are readily available at any supermarkets, cut them into 3, brushed it with milk and baked in preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 23 minutes. And done, perfect flaky khari biscuits for that hot afternoon tea. All I need to do now is wait for P to come home then make perfect masala chai and enjoy my Khari with a person who too is head over heals for khari, he can be termed as die hard fan of khari.
Enjoy the snaps of my finished product.
                                                               Just out of the oven!!!

                                            Check out the layers... beauty ain't they?!!

            Thorough inspection to see whether they are well baked to its middle-most layers.

                        Can't stop admiring those lovely flaky layers. Almost drooling at this point... :)

                                                                    Cooling off.

                     I bet these won't even last 2 days. Would you like to have some?!!!


  1. wtt an idea Madamji!!!yup wanna hv some...

  2. just drop by some day and we shall have nice tea and khari along with whatever more you like, what say?!! ;)