Thursday, April 8, 2010

A real "Happy" Birthday!!

Yesterday ie on 7th started with all normal nitty-gritty, P off to office and me busy with cooking and cleaning etc. Since P has started his new job, starting of this month, he is very punctual with his return home timings, but today he said he had to conclude some pending work at his old work place, which is quite normal, so he said instead of 5pm he shall be a bit late. Time went and it was 9pm with no sightings of my husband, a quick phone call revealed he is chatting with his old pals, again very very normal for him and his pals. He came home around 9:15 pm and started pestering in his usual way, what was for dinner and what was there for sweet etc, then came the question "what would u like for your birthday gift", as usual I had nothing in mind.... but he kept pushing the questions on and on.... this too is very normal... then at 9:30pm riyadh time which is 12 am Indian time my sister called to wish me, then came my mom-dad n bhai.... i was very happy that dot 12 they called me, infact i was handling two calls at a time one from Surat (my sis) and another one from Vadodara (my parents and bro).... during that time too P kept asking what i wanted as a birthday gift.... in quite a funny way.
After duely finishing the phone chats, i turned to find P at the window peeping out and on his toes, determining whether our hijacked parking spot was now vacant or not, much to his relief it was vacant. Again he started off with that pestering question but this time i had the answer, i said i wanted a nice oven to satiate my starvation for baking. And he duely promised me my oven :). Actually i was looking for one since last few months but was'nt able to make my mind on any one specific brand yet.
After a few minutes i saw him heading down to move the car to our authorized parking spot. As he returned and i opened the door, he was standing there with a huge box of Black n Decker 35 litres oven :) and a huge smile on his face. (Now at this time i dont know what were the exact expressions on my face but i was grinning ear to ear i suppose.... along with some child like jumping actions.... I know real Hoot!!!)

He wasnt done yet, under the pretext of forgetting something he went back downstairs while i was busy hurriedly opening my real surprise gift. He came in with another huge box of something and various bags of SACO (one of the home improvement store chain out here), then like a Santa in plain clothes, he started handing me over one item at a time from those magic bags. First out came Neoflam slicer-dicer-chopper-shredder (including ice shaver for my ice golas) ;

second came oven safe 6 tart dishes ; then came out microwave n oven safe marinex Broiche dish and Quiche fluted dish ; at the end came out some nice pizza cutter and cake n pie server/cutter.
Bonus a Black n Decker hand mixie. I felt like a kid in a candy store.... :)

Well to conclude, i am really happy to know that P actually knows what i really want, since few months i always kept my eye on nice ovens while we went shopping and P duely noticed it, as a perfect hubby would :). Thanks huni for making my day a "REAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY". (I bet I will be smiling for days all along).
More to come yet as excitement has'nt ended yet....  as i have just been informed that we shall be heading to a very classy Mall called GRANADA, along with few of our friends, tommorow at 10 am. Wow!!! don't want this day to pass any more quicker!!!
Now, got to catch some sleep as tommorow is a huge day :)).

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  1. wooo....see how perfect my borther is :)) well, congrats to you for getting ur favorite gifts...My brother is smart too...he packed his hidden gifts inside urs...that will come out when u will make delicious cakes/baking dishes for him using all these :)) Have Fun...!