Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sindhi Koki

Did I mention chole curry smells yummy?!!!! Well it does.... My aromatic kitchen thats the reason my blog has this name. Heavenly aroma swirling in and around my kitchen and lounge.
Now its time to prepare some paratha and today as I've mentioned before I'm trying my hand on Sindhi koki.

Sindhi Koki as the name mentions is a sindhi recipe for paratha prepared just like out chappati. Finely chopped onion and parsley along with freshly ground pepper, salt and a table spoon of oil is added to 2 cups of whole wheat flour. Mixing it well, a soft dough is kneaded using warm water. Recipe calls in for warm milk + water in 1:1 concentration but I wanted it to be light at palate and calories so I just used warm water.

Let the dough rest for 20-30 mins. Rolls out kokies out of ping pong sizes dough portions and grill it on hot griddle or tava. Add oil to kokies if you wish but I prefer healthier version of simple roasted koki instead of shallow fried one.

As mentioned before its raita for side dish and that is prepared by tossing in chopped tomatoes, cucumber and onions into bowl of whisked curd and flavoring it with salt, pepper, chopped green chillies and parsley. Simple and Healthy.

Now all I have to do is change tv channels and wait for P to return home.

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